Investing in product build quality

NEOTech has invested in new automated production and inspection robots to enable higher levels of performance and efficiency of their customers’ product builds. The company implemented recognition cameras on robotic arms, plus schematic diagram programming, to perform automated visual inspection of completed assemblies. This ensures orientation of items like buttons and switches are accurate before shipment. Quality assurance is achieved in much less time, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

NEOTech’s president and chief operating officer, Kunal Sharma, said: “The highest levels of quality for our customers’ product is our top priority. Whether it is a lifesaving medical device in a hospital, a radar tracking system in a military aircraft or a power generator being used at a hurricane disaster location, our team is honored to be part of the process in providing these products to the end user.

“That is our motivation to continually research, examine and test the newest high-tech equipment for our manufacturing processes. These investments result in better quality, improved efficiency and ultimately lower production costs. It’s a win-win for everyone.”