Guiding light for enclosure sourcing

Searching for the right enclosure can be challenging. Where should buyers start and where will they find their solution? In this article, Enclosure Solutions guides the way.

When sourcing enclosures, buyers could spend time trawling through multiple manufacturers’ websites and searching through countless enclosures, before finding something even remotely suitable. To resolve this, Enclosure Solutions has developed a new web-based tool offering a comprehensive search engine, over 5,700 standard enclosure choices, plus modification/bespoke manufacturing options and an in-house turn-key production facility.

The website is built around a parametric search engine where users start by populating the search criteria with options to specify size, colour, IP rating, material, shape, mounting type, and special features. The site then returns enclosures best suited to the application.

Visually appealing enclosures help attract customers and make products stand out from competitors. Enclosure modification is a way to enhance a standard, off-the-shelf enclosure. Enclosure Solutions’ website includes a modification form, which requests the required information and returns a quotation to the buyer’s inbox. Modifications include machining, surface coating, RFI shielding, printing and engraving.

Some buyers may not find a standard enclosure which fits their requirements or maybe looking for a tailored product. Enclosure Solutions’ website offers bespoke enclosures, which let customers design and build an enclosure from scratch. Colour, IP and design are customisable. Options range from fabricated low/medium volume enclosures (with no tooling charge) to injection mouldings for higher volume cost savings.

Enclosure Solutions operates an in-house EMS manufacturing subsidiary, K2A Electronic Manufacturing Services, offering clients a turnkey, fully functional plug-and-play production straight out of the box. This can include PCB assembly, cable assembly, internal wiring, programming, test and final packaging. Turnkey solutions ensure customers get their products to market quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.