High-capacity smart meter battery coming

Ultralife Corporation used the American Water Works Association’s conference to launch its 19Ah D cell battery, specifically designed for water and other utility meters.

In recent years, Ultralife has enhanced its range of non-rechargeable lithium thionyl chloride cells, which are often embedded into utility meters for the duration of the product’s life. The new 19Ah D cell offers industry leading capacity, which results in a long service life and it has already been verified by a leading metering original equipment manufacturer.

Ultralife Corporation’s VP, Eric Lind, said: “Research suggests that, by 2027, smart meter deployment will generate around $60 billion in revenue for vendors globally. However, to make this growth a success, energy companies must have confidence that the smart meter is providing an uninterrupted stream of data, so that customers can be billed accurately. Reliable battery power is key to this.”