Simplifying defence procurement


Charcroft Electronics director, Debbie Rowland, explains why higher levels of knowledge and experience underpin component supply in stringent applications 

Knowledge needed to simplify defence procurement should cover a detailed understanding of component specifications and a willingness to deliver individual customer solutions. 

A key example of specialist knowledge is a thorough understanding of capacitor failure rates. CKR capacitors are manufactured to the same specification by different manufacturers but are offered with a range of failure rates. Part number CKR05BX100K denotes a moulded, radial ceramic capacitor, with a 10pF capacitance value and voltage of 200V.

Adding an M suffix denotes a failure rate of 1.0 per cent for each 1,000h operation. The failure rates then progress to P (0.1 per cent) and R (0.01 per cent). The lowest failure rate and highest reliability is shown by an S suffix (0.001 per cent). Adding a V suffix shows the capacitor has a standoff case.

An understanding of this part number system gives greater scope for identifying an alternative if a capacitor with the original specification is not available. It is also important to interrogate franchised component manufacturers’ systems, so Charcroft is certain it is offering the best availability and specification for each customer’s enquiry or order.

Proactive not reactive

Being proactive when a part loses approval or goes obsolete, is essential to maintain continuity of supply. Obsolescence notifications are regularly received from franchises. Each time, Charcroft immediately checks to see who has ordered the parts and identify an alternative component. Being proactive means there is no waiting for customer demand before work starts.

To extend availability of obsolete passive components, Charcroft has also used acquisitions including mil-style mica and radial cased multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). Value added services, from flying leads to custom-built assemblies, further increase support for demanding industries.

Individual solutions

There must be a willingness to deliver individual solutions for customers and to provide high service on low-volume orders which have a high component mix. Individual solutions can cover long-term agreements for UK stockholding and working with franchised component manufacturers to provide serialised components with a data pack showing the specification of each component.

Individual screening and reports can also be handled, such as pick and mix screening for NewSpace passive and semiconductor components.

Procurement can be streamlined offering the ability to provide the first article inspection reports, plus requirements for the automotive International Material Data System (IMDS), and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

A Designated Supplier Quality Representative (DSQR) programme is used by customers to act as a goods-in and goods-out quality team, with the possible addition of special labels for inbound stock. Final quality checks can be carried out for components used in harsh or hi-rel environments.

Almost 50-years of building specialist knowledge, experience and data, lets Charcroft simplify and streamline defence procurement for its customers.