Overvoltage protection in three designs

The new Self-Control Fuse series from Eaton Bussmann is now part of Rutronik’s range. The battery protection with three terminals allows surface mount — thanks to its flat, compact design —and suits single-cell and multi-cell battery packs. 

The SCFs protect against overcurrent and overcharging. Applications include consumer, computer, power, industrial, home appliance, handheld and medical. They measure 4.0 by 3.0mm (12 to 22A), 5.4 by 3.2mm (12 to 30A) and 9.5 by 5.0mm (30 to 45A).

The SCF has an integrated heating element with fuse for IC/FET triggering capability that responds quickly to an unexpected cell or pack level overvoltage or overtemperature. For high efficiency in lithium-ion battery packs, the SCF series operates with a wide range of current ratings and low internal resistance.

Features include RoHS compliant, halogen free and easy pairing of rated current and battery cells in row. Applications include e-bikes, robotics, cordless tools, notebooks, energy storage systems and POS terminals.