Low resistance relay suits chargers and PV-powered homes

Omron has expanded its high-power switching capability with a low contact resistance model for its two-pole contact type G7L-2A-X series relays. With a 6.0mm contact gap, the new relay provides low contact resistance of maximum 10mΩ and a rated load of 30A at 600V DC or 25A at 1,000V DC.

The series conforms to UK and IEC solar inverter standards, plus applicable UL and VDE electrical standards.

Features include an assisting magnetism circuit, to help achieve quick switchover. The relay contacts have been designed to handle high DC loads, a feature of these applications.  Contact form is two-pole DPST, with its 6.0mm contact gap offering improved safety.

Driven by trends for higher capacity and increasing heat generation issues, the series offers reduced vehicle charging time and high capacity for residential energy storage systems and battery storage management.

The device is compact for a relay with this capacity, measuring 52.5 by 35.5 by 41.0mm.