Sensor modules reduce system costs

New Yorker Electronics has announced Vishay’s release of two new fixed-gain infrared sensor modules designed to lower costs and increase stability for outdoor sensor applications. Offering typical irradiance of 1.3mW/m² in compact Minimold packages, the surface-mount TSSP93038DF1PZA and leaded TSSP93038SS1ZA are designed to provide robust operation in direct sunlight, while still providing enough sensitivity for light barrier applications.

Unlike high sensitivity fixed-gain IR sensor modules that require attenuators like dark panels, apertures and sunshades to protect them against sunlight—adding to overall solutions costs—the controlled sensitivity of these devices lets them operate in full sunlight without unwanted pulses.

The devices suit: distance sensing for toys, drones, robots and vicinity switches; presence detection for traffic control lights and parking lot, gateway access and water level sensors; and light barriers for sports racing and lawnmower robots. They may also be used as reflective sensors for hand dryers, towel/soap dispensers, water faucets, toilets, vending machine fall detection and security/pet gates.