Servicing ultra-low power IoT


Mouser Electronics has announced a distribution agreement with Atmosic Technologies, a manufacturer of ultra-low power wireless solutions for IoT applications. The agreement covers Atmosic’s Bluetooth 5 SoCs which suit industrial asset-tracking solutions, sensors, medical devices, personal wearables and automotive accessories.

The ATM32x1 SoCs combine a Bluetooth 5-compliant radio with an Arm Cortex M0 application processor. These devices support operation from a variety of energy harvesting sources, including RF, photovoltaic, thermoelectric generator and motion. They also support innovative wake-up mechanisms to enable further reduction in power consumption. 

Atmosic ATM22x1 SoCs offer similar power management features, but without energy harvesting. They are designed to extend the battery life of IoT devices, as low-duty cycle operation support allows IoT systems to run longer without battery replacement. 

Both series feature 256k ROM, suiting super high-volume applications. They also have an external Flash interface for applications that require additional external Flash support.