Rugged, durable display solutions

Review Display Systems has announced availability of a range of monochrome and colour e-paper displays from Holitech Technology Corporation.

Holitech e-paper displays operate in reflective mode, therefore in bright, ambient light environments the display image will appear brighter with enhanced levels of colour saturation. The need for an LED backlight is eliminated, which also reduces power consumption when compared to transmissive TFT LCD displays.

The displays suit applications including battery-powered devices, handheld equipment, wearables, medical systems, retail pricing displays, IoT devices and more.

Ideal for low-power applications, e-paper displays use a bi-stable display technology where no power is required to maintain a display image. The image is retained when power is removed. E-paper displays only consume power when the image is changed.

Plastic-based e-paper displays can also provide a more rugged, durable display, while glass-based TFTs can be susceptible to extreme shock, vibration and physical impacts.