Ultra-subminiature switch ready to ship

Omron’s D2EW sealed ultra-subminiature basic switch is designed to offer multi-angle operation without an additional lever. In addition to operation from above, it allows use from the side up to 90 degrees. Measuring 8.3 by 7.0 by 5.3mm, the product is said to be one of the smallest switches.

Target markets and applications include: automotive door locking, detection and EV charging; fire, smoke and gas detectors; robotics; smart metering; HVAC; and household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and power tools.

Features such as a left-right asymmetrical post and red/blue rubber boots for NO and NC, ensure correct mounting and confusion protection. The switch’s sliding contact structure allows quiet operation up to 300,000 cycles at 30 operations per minute. 

Energy efficiency is also important for switches so the D2EW scores with its minimum applicable load of 50μA. Operating temperature range is -40 to 85°C.