Secure authentication IC in stock

Mouser Electronics is now stocking Microchip Technology’s ECC204 secure authentication IC, a cryptographic authentication device with protected storage for private keys, certificates, symmetric keys or user data. The hardware-based key storage solution supports secure authentication applications including: ecosystem control, disposables and accessory authentication, symmetric authentication using HMAC keys and disposable applications with select usage.

The device provides hardware support for asymmetric authentication, including a FIPS186-4 elliptic curve digital signature and NIST standard P-256 elliptic curve support. It also features an internal NIST SP 800-90A/B/C random number generator, supporting asymmetric key generation. 

Features include hardware support for SHA-256 and HMAC, while the device’s field-programmable electrically erasable, programmable read-only memory includes a single ECC private key, single symmetric secret key and 64-byte user memory. Extended industrial temperature range is -40 to 105℃. The device is offered in an eight-pad UDFN, eight-lead SOIC and three-lead contact package options for design flexibility.