Making IoT automation accessible to all


Farnell has added the new Arduino Pro Portenta C33 system-on-module to its line card. Described as a cost-effective, high-performance, streamlined platform, it is designed to provide an accelerated route to IoT automation, complete with industrial-grade quality and guaranteed security.

The Portenta C33 is engineered to offer performance at reduced cost via a range of optimisations and streamlined features. Specifications include an Arm Cortex-M33 microcontroller from Renesas and support for MicroPython and other high-level programming languages. 

With onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, the Portenta C33 suits IoT gateways, remote control systems, fleet management and process tracking, while guaranteeing industrial-grade security at the hardware level. The Portenta C33 can perform over-the-air firmware updates via Arduino Cloud or other third-party cloud hosting services.

Arduino Marketing’s Keith Jackson said: “It bridges the gap between prototyping and deployment at scale, and the cost-effective nature of this product unleashes a tremendous opportunity for Farnell’s IoT customer base.