Instant access to HMI protection

 Foremost Electronics has announced two new Fibox windows for protecting human-machine interfaces (HMI). The Protection Window (PW) series provides an easy to install, secure HMI access point for enclosures and flat surfaces, offering ingress and impact protection to IP66 and IK09. 

They can be used to protect control equipment or touch panels and feature integrated hinges and two double-bit locks providing security while allowing easy operator access. 

Key features include: low profile continuous hinge; overlapping cover for strength and increased gasket protection; DB3 quarter turn lock; −40 to 120°C temperature range; large viewing area; transparent covers; and integrated PUR gasket. 

Foremost Electronics’ business development director, Dave Martin, said: “Fibox have a long history of providing secure enclosures suitable for all environments. With the growth of touch screens used in industrial control and automation a secure cover has become a necessity to protect them for harsh environments and make them tamper proof.”