Making purchasers’ lives easier

Electronics Sourcing asked Rebound Electronics’ MD UK, Americas, Nordic & Baltics, Raj Keshvara, to explain the benefits the company offers North American purchasers

What services and benefits does Rebound Electronics offer Electronics Sourcing North America’s readership?  

As a global independent distributor based in the UK with close to 40 offices worldwide, Rebound has access to all the key markets. The recent disruption to supply chain in our industry has led to a large increase in the number of customers looking to work with Rebound, including many in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Our global headquarters is based in the UK, as well as our main warehouse, so we can get access to certain markets that US companies can’t. In terms of procurement, we have access to all the key geographies in the world and develop ongoing relationships with our supplier base. 

Rebound has offices in Guadalajara, one office in Tijuana and one in Barrie, Ontario. Our teams from the UK are visiting the US frequently and we have now opened our office in Austin, Texas. We are hiring more people locally, who will be managed from the UK. Furthermore, we are looking to develop partnerships with companies in the US to present a 3PL solution in terms of logistics and warehousing.

From a CEM or OEM perspective we offer customer tailored solutions dependent on their business needs. Rebound is able to market and buy excess stock for clients in the US to a global customer base at a time where this is a significant issue in the industry. Rebound presents proactive cost measure programs to customers to allow for derisking the supply chain and drive costs out of the BOM.

Rebound has also launched our Nuvonix business where we are partnering with customers and manufacturers to bring alternative brands to markets and give customer choice against the Tier 1 manufacturers. 

Obsolescence management is a service we offer and advising customers of risks to their supply chain as well as value added services to present a solution on obsolete components.

Are there specific sectors you specialize in?

Rebound is more mass market than specialized. We have expanded into the automotive industry and (with AS9012) we are working with the military and aerospace industry as our standards and capabilities for inspection and testing meet their requirements. We have a wide, diverse client base because we don’t only approach big accounts, we partner with small to mid-size companies covering all industry sectors. With how franchised distribution and manufacturing is evolving, giving clients choice is paramount. Our market strategy is wide, not selective. 

How is Rebound making buyers’ lives easier when sourcing components for their manufacturing facilities?

Where buyers are being pulled in many directions, we offer a single point of contact. Thus, one person navigates the supply chain, finds trusted product and offers a quick, efficient service, letting clients make informed decisions. 

Another key factor is our bespoke IT platform which lets sales teams cross reference systems to ensure we can quickly find the pocket of inventory. From Rebound’s perspective, being efficient and having a global view of real-time data, lets our sales teams make a buyer’s life easier. We also bring together engineering, procurement, sourcing and product life-cycle updates for components.