Creating safer working environments

In this article, Memory Protection Devices introduces North American purchasing and supply chain professionals to a new line of IR safety sensor beam products

Infrared safety sensor beams are devices utilizing infrared light to detect objects or people in their path. They comprise an emitter and receiver, usually placed opposite each other, creating an invisible infrared beam between them. 

The device emits a beam of infrared light, with the receiver detecting the beam’s presence or interruption. When an object or person crosses the beam and interrupts it, the receiver sends a signal to a controller, triggering a safety response. 

Safety sensor beams are commonly used in many applications where detecting the presence of objects or individuals is crucial for safety purposes. Some examples follow: 

Automated doors: IR safety sensors are often used in automatic sliding doors found in supermarkets, airports or office buildings. They detect the presence of a person approaching the door and trigger it to open or keep it open to prevent collisions. 

Garage doors: In residential or commercial garages, IR safety sensors are employed to prevent the closing of a garage door if an object or person is detected in its path. This helps avoid accidents or damage to property. 

Industrial machinery: In industrial settings, IR safety sensors are used to ensure worker safety by detecting their presence near hazardous machinery. If someone enters a restricted area or gets too close to dangerous equipment, the sensors can trigger an alarm, stop the machinery, or initiate other safety measures. 

Elevators: IR safety sensors are used in elevators to prevent doors from closing when someone is entering or exiting. The sensors detect the presence of a person in the doorway and keep the doors open until the area is clear. 

Security systems: IR safety sensors are often integrated into security systems to detect unauthorized access to restricted areas. They can trigger alarms or alert security personnel when someone crosses the beam. 

Overall, IR safety sensor beams are utilized in various applications where the detection of objects or individuals is crucial for ensuring safety, preventing accidents and avoiding damage to property. By using safety sensor beams, employers can create a safer work environment, reduce the risk of accidents and comply with safety regulations. They act as an extra layer of protection, working in conjunction with other safety measures and protocols to prevent incidents and promote workplace well-being.