Making comparisons quicker and easier

In this article, takes the opportunity to update purchasing professionals on recent platform updates, including Similar Products and other product page enhancements has recently updated its product pages to include similar products, while making browsing faster, simpler and more informative. Enhancements include: similar products, in-page navigation and improved layout and stock/ price chart enhancements.

The platform now has a Similar Products section, where users can instantly review other in- stock products with matching or very similar specifications. In the left column, buyers will find details regarding the current component for easy comparison. Each similar product has a link to its product page and a link to view a price and availability pop-up.

The Similar Products section makes comparing options simpler, listing the lifecycle and supply chain risks, stock information and important specifications of multiple similar products—all in one concise table. This eliminates the confusion of navigating between many tabs and streamlines the comparison process.

To make viewing products more organized, product pages have been updated with in- page navigation and a floating header. As buyers scroll down the page to view more details, they will notice that valuable information about the product stays within view in a small box at the top of their screen.

Buyers can also use the new in- page navigation to quickly jump between page sections. This lets users instantly navigate to the section they wish to view. Previously, stock and price charts were combined on one graph that displayed after opening a pop-up. To simplify how users view these analytics, stock and price charts are now separate and displayed in the main page content. These graphs adjust to the browser window, letting users quickly view historical stock and pricing.