No compromise on production requirements

In this article, Nano Electronic Services explains how manufacturing agencies can offer OEMs and CEMs a win-win solution to everchanging production requirements

No one likes change, especially when it comes to electronics manufacturing partners. Once an OEM has chosen one or two factories to use, they tend to stick with what they know and trust, often for the right reasons, they know how to build the boards and a relationship has been developed. However, what happens when their capabilities don’t quite match? Maybe their equipment doesn’t suit the OEM’s latest design but finding someone new is an aggravation, so everyone compromises.

What if there was a solution? This is one benefit of working with a manufacturing agency like Nano Electronic Services. Nano currently works with 13 UK factories and six design consultancies, offering a wide range of capabilities, so match the project, rather than the customer, to the factory. This way there are no compromises, the OEM keeps a single point of contact and relationship. Offering full transparency, customers can interact with the factories building the boards if required but without the need to add multiple vendors.

Does this approach cost more? No, suppliers offer Nano preferential terms, so they pay for our work, not the customer. The cost is the same as going direct but with the benefits of an agency working with the OEM.

Is this arrangement the same as a broker? No, Nano works on behalf of the suppliers and customers. It isn’t a kitting company either. Everything Nano does is transparent and the company does much more in the background.

The CEMs Nano works with also benefit. Instead of wasting time quoting for work they don’t win, kitting up prototype jobs etc, Nano ES manages this customer interaction. The CEMs focus on building boards, don’t lose time on front-end processes and get new work without employing someone for business development.

The overall focus is saving customers time in dealing with their manufacturing supply chain: a valuable commodity these days.