Renewed focus on de-risking supply chain

Avnet Americas’ regional president, Dayna Badhorn

Avnet Americas’ regional president, Dayna Badhorn, believes supply chain models, whether simple or complex, can benefit from bespoke solutions

If there’s anything the disruption of the past few years has taught us, it’s the importance of supply chain resiliency and agility. We started the year with materials and logistics constraints and are now seeing inventory excess across the supply chain. With the market ever changing, global supply chain orchestration is more critical than ever to drive greater visibility and control.

At Avnet, we believe every supply chain model, whether simple or complex, could benefit from tailored solutions that promote business continuity and lower costs.

With our position at the center of the global technology supply chain, our experts first seek to understand our customers’ needs and requirements in order to support more intentional and effective collaboration.

We can also create personalized digital experiences with custom supply chain dashboards that offer reporting and analytics for global transparency and secure, data-driven intelligence. Another area of focus is sustainability. Our latest research indicates that initiatives around sustainable design are further along than anticipated. We are working to help promote sustainable design efforts within our industry.

Avnet will continue to be a trusted partner and support our customers and supplier partners with our design-to- supply chain offerings to meet their business objectives in the new year and beyond.