Enhancing data bus integrity

Fairview Microwave has released a new series of MIL-STD-1553 dust caps, terminators and adapters. The TRB jack RFI cap features a three- lug bayonet coupling design, ensuring optimal protection for sensitive electronics against dust and other forms of foreign object damage. The cap is crafted with RoHS- compliant materials.

The new terminator is designed to bring closure to open bus lines on a 1553 data bus. They mate with any TRB three-lug or four-lug jack, which are common in standard 1553 data bus couplers and relay devices. With resistance aligning with MIL-R-39007 specifications, the terminators are available in a variety of resistance options.

The new adapter is mostly used in testing environments. They are designed for situations that necessitate one input signal to be disseminated through two output connections. The design allows for the reverse operation, overlaying two inputs into a single output.