Efficient power management for high voltage systems

Littelfuse has added the LS0502SCD33 to its eFuse Protection ICs product line. In applications where backup power is crucial, the narrow temperature range of lithium-ion batteries limits their use. To address this challenge, Littelfuse’s LS0502SCD33 supercapacitor- based solution offers a wide operating temperature range and high power/energy density, ensuring a safe and compact alternative.

One of the product’s differentiators is its ability to handle high operating voltages (>3V) without complex power management systems. The component safeguards the system from potential damage by integrating input overvoltage and current protection, providing designers with a flexible, integrated and compact storage capacitor or capacitor bank backup solution.

Littelfuse’s assistant product manager, protection semiconductor business, Bernie Hsieh, said: “The LS0502SCD33 eFuse provides electronics designers with a high-efficiency integrated SuperCap charging IC solution in a single chip. This addition to our eFuse Protection ICs product portfolio expands the line’s solutions to include portable battery device protection, making Littelfuse a forerunner in the burgeoning market of management and protection for SuperCap applications.”