Growth opportunities everywhere

TME US’ MD, Teri Abelairas

TME US’ MD, Teri Abelairas, is confident that constant improvements in electronic component technology will fuel growth across the board

We are strongly convinced that constant growth in the electronic component supply chain in 2024 will lead to higher product availability and a stabilization or even decrease in pricing. Focusing on growth in 2024, we envisage that with continuous advancements in technology and demand for efficient operations, all sectors should have steady growth in the foreseeable future, especially the industrial sector.

In our opinion, AI will play a significant role in technology development. Its ability to adapt to changing conditions in real-time and enhance machine learning capabilities can bring transformative changes to industries by optimizing processes and improving decision-making. AI’s impact on manufacturing is evident in its ability to make production processes faster and more accurate. This can result in higher quality products, reduced operational costs and increased competitiveness.

Semiconductors play a vital role in AI and technology development. They are the building blocks for many advanced technologies, making them essential for unlocking AI’s full potential and overall technological growth. Devices such as CPUs, GPUs and specialized AI chips (like TPUs or FPGAs) are essential for running AI’s algorithms efficiently.