IP ratings in TFT monitors and panel PCs

Relec explains how ingress protection (IP) ratings ensure the longevity and reliability of TFT monitors and panel PCs in various working environments

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings play a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and durability of TFT monitors and Panel PCs in various demanding environments. Understanding the different values for dust and water ingress, along with the specific requirements associated with high IP ratings and IP69K compliance, is essential for manufacturers, designers, and users of electronic equipment. By considering these factors during the design and selection process, electronic devices can provide reliable performance and longevity in their intended applications. Relec Electronics is an industry leader in the supply of Monitors, Panel PCs and TFT displays for a wide variety of industries.

IP ratings comprise two digits. The first indicates protection against solids and the second against liquids. Grasping these values is vital for selecting devices fit for specific settings.

High IP ratings matter in the following application environments.

Industrial: Factories and automation systems need devices resistant to dust, moisture and water.

Outdoor and harsh settings: Devices in transportation, construction or marine settings must endure extreme weather, dust and water.

Medical and cleanrooms: Hygiene is paramount. High IP-rated devices prevent contamination, resisting dust and liquids.

Food processing: Devices here face water, cleaning agents and chemicals. They must resist these without compromising functionality.

Design challenges

Creating high IP-rated equipment isn’t straightforward as the following challenges highlight.

Thermal management: Balancing heat dissipation with IP integrity requires innovative solutions around heat sinks and sealing.

Usability: Devices must be user-friendly, incorporating features like sealed buttons or glove-compatible touchscreens without compromising protection.

Aesthetics: Higher IP ratings can alter a device’s look, potentially adding bulk or changing its design.

IP69K, the gold standard

IP69K is the pinnacle of liquid protection, especially where high-pressure water jets are used. Meeting this standard demands pressure/ temperature resistance with devices enduring water jets up to 100 bar and 80°C. Strong seals, like specialized gaskets, are essential. Material choice involves durable, corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring resistance to aggressive cleaning agents.