Continuing to add inventory

PEI Genesis’ senior vice president and MD Europe, Jonathan Parry

PEI Genesis’ senior vice president and MD Europe, Jonathan Parry, explains how inventory is key to meeting demand when lead-times are short and the future uncertain

In the world of interconnect and cable solutions here at PEI- Genesis we are seeing growth across most OEM market sectors. Over
the past 12-months we have seen overall sales growth in Europe of more than 30 per cent as we continue to diversify into new sectors such as green energy and space.

As well as organic growth, we are also expanding into the telecoms and data centre markets courtesy of our recent acquisition in the Czech Republic which now adds fibre optic capabilities to our product range.

I do have some concerns about declining levels of business confidence in 2024 due to ongoing security and geopolitical issues, but I see these uncertainties as putting even more emphasis on knowing who your customers are, so that together you can alleviate and mitigate potential supply chain risks through good planning and an industry-leading depth of inventory.

I’m pleased to say that here at PEI-Genesis we are continuing to add inventory and new ranges including a significant investment in RF connector products, so that our customers across the world know that we can meet their demands even when lead-times are short and the immediate future remains uncertain.