Focussed on quality distribution

Ecomal Europe has received EN 9120:2018 certification following auditing by an independent body. EN9120 supplements the EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard with additional requirements for distributors and stockists in the sectors of air, space and military technology sectors.

The most important goal is to improve customer satisfaction through the standard-compliant application of quality assurance systems. The same holds true for compliance with legal requirements. All this applies not only to physical products, but also to the company’s consulting services.

One of Ecomal’s concerns is the traceability of the approximately six billion electronic components it stocks at all times. This traceability lets customers check and review the complete production and manufacturer data of each individual product. Thanks to its warehouse logistics, Ecomal can guarantee delivery of orders within 24 hours throughout Europe. The company’s zero-defect concept is seamlessly applied.