Switching 80W on 0.25in pitch

Pickering Electronics has introduced its latest high-power reed relay, Series 144, featuring an impressive 80W power rating, while stacking on a compact 0.25in pitch. The SIP (single-in-line-package) reed relay offers a switching current up to 2A, delivering up to 60W or 1A up to 80W, with a continuous carry current up to 3A. Additionally, it boasts high voltage capability, with a switching voltage of 1000VDC up to 10W and up to 3kV stand-off.

Pickering Electronics technical specialist, Kevin Mallett, said: “With its impressive high-power rating, Series 144 provides a greener alternative to mercury wetted reed relays. While dry reeds may not provide bounce-free operation, their more eco-friendly construction helps contribute to sustainable practices.

“Series 144 is also a viable substitute for miniature electromechanical relays (EMRs). Its low-level performance and superior isolation significantly improve efficiency and reliability for many applications—and compared to EMRs, reed relays offer faster switching speeds and longer mechanical lifespans, further enhancing their appeal.”