Floating connectors suit automated manufacture

Harwin has launched a range of board-to-board connectors that address data and power transfer demands of high-performance applications, while accommodating small movements in multiple axes to support high-speed automated assembly and enhance resistance to shock and vibration during operational life.

Offering up to 160 contacts in a symmetrical double row layout, the new Flecto floating connector family is available with three choices of miniature pitches: 0.5, 0.635 and 0.8mm.

Harwin’s VP of product, Ryan Smart, said: “Growing demand for multiple connectors per board pair increases the potential for mechanical alignment issues due to the capabilities of automatic pick-and-place systems and the associated reflow process, which can cause connectors to experience unintended strain. In addition, once systems are in the field, many connectors are subject to stresses resulting from short-term or long-term exposure to shock and vibration.

“Thanks to their innovative spring-like suspension mechanism, Harwin’s new Flecto family allows OEMs to address both these challenges.”