Expanding EV fuse options

Bel Fuse has expanded its fuses for electric and hybrid vehicles with a complete line of 800V offerings, complimenting the company’s line of 500 and 1,000V fuses.

The fuses come in a variety of formats and mounting options and suit operating temperatures between -40 to 100°C, with some products handling up to 125°C. Depending on deployment, the fuses feature a range of current ratings from 5 to 800A.

Designed for use in battery modules, packs, junction boxes, chargers, stations and auxiliary circuits, the fuses are being released to
support the maturing electric vehicle (EV) market, especially across Europe. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), EV and hybrid sales are rebounding in 2024 with significant increases in key markets such as Belgium and Germany.

Bel Fuse continues to expand its offerings for both overload and short circuit protection to meet growing global demand for electric and hybrid vehicle adoption.