Cellular modems, SIM sockets, camera modules and more

VISIT INELTEK AT STAND 40 – Electronic Component Show 2024

Ineltek’s ECS team will be available to discuss its linecard, including demonstrations and samples from key suppliers, specifically tailored for IoT applications.

First up is Ineltek’s selection of cellular modem solutions from SIMCom. They offer a comprehensive range of high-performance, cost-effective modules for the latest Red Cap 5G projects, plus options to future- proof existing GSM systems with LTE. The company is also excited to introduce its latest NTN (Non- Terrestrial Network, also known as Satellite) communications solution, set to transform the connectivity landscape.

An often overlooked but essential aspect of cellular projects is network provisioning. Apart from certification, a solid, reliable, comprehensive network is a prerequisite for systems to communicate with the outside world and can also form an additional revenue stream.

Complementing cellular connectivity, Ineltek is proud to showcase its newest franchise with Taiwan’s Attend Technology which offers an extensive range of SIM sockets and trays that help form a complete solution alongside SIMCom modems.

Attend also provides memory card sockets including SD, MicroSD and Compact Flash, leading into Ineltek’s memory offerings from Intelligent Memory. IM’s flash memory solutions are fixed-BOM with a guaranteed long-term supply for industrial applications.

Finally, Ineltek will be showcasing tiny camera module solutions from Japan’s Shikino High Tech. Shikino’s modules come with a range of lenses, interfaces and resolutions and can be customised. Ineltek has already received enthusiastic customer feedback about its modules, surpassing all expectations in performance per megapixel.