Mobile energy off-the-shelf

VISIT ANSMANN AT STAND 69 – Electronic Component Show 2024

Buyers sourcing portable energy solutions should visit Ansmann’s stand to investigate its product range which includes battery packs, chargers and customisation services.

Ansmann’s flagship battery packs and charge management are its range of lithium-ion standard battery packs and IPC series chargers, offering off-the-shelf convenience for a range of requirements.

Whether it’s lead acid, nickel metal hydride or lithium ion, the IPC series can handle them all in a solution tailored to customers’ requirements. The IPC series features the IPC30 and IPC12, capable of charging up to 30W and 12W respectively. Both these intelligent, versatile chargers are available off- the-shelf in a selection of pre-prepared varieties, each featuring a select software, four mains input plugs and a set of eight output plugs to suit a broad spectrum of applications. In addition to pre-set configurations, the series offers configurable options to suit small-scale custom solutions. Custom software is also available.

Ansmann’s range of lithium- ion standard battery packs offers design engineers various power options with speed and a focus on safety. With solutions from 3.6 to 25.2V nominal (in a range of capacities) these powerful, reliable packs offer robust power for most applications in an accessible form thanks to pre-approval to transport regulations and built-in circuitry for dependable protection against short circuit, overcharging and over-discharging.

With over 30 years in the field, Ansmann offers custom solutions for bespoke requirements, including adaptations of existing items to fully tailored products. With production facilities in Germany and China, Ansmann offers quality and service.