Partnership enhances endpoint data security

Cigent and Swissbit have announced a strategic partnership to offer a comprehensive portfolio of secure storage drives designed to safeguard endpoint data against a growing landscape of cyberthreats. This collaboration addresses the urgent market requirements for improved data security on endpoint devices, where a significant majority of sensitive data resides and is frequently targeted by cyberthreats.

Swissbit’s director sales embedded IoT solutions Americas, Kai Imgenberg, said: “Swissbit and Cigent’s partnership uniquely combines Swissbit’s tamper-resistant hardware with Cigent’s best-in- class encryption software, offering an unmatched level of data security for end-to-end protection. Customers can benefit from a single, unified solution that simplifies secure data storage and access across their entire infrastructure.”

Cigent and Swissbit are currently developing secure storage drives that will provide a unique combination of robust protection and user-friendliness. These upcoming solutions are designed to ensure data security without compromising the user experience and will require minimal IT intervention thanks to their set and forget capabilities.