Tap into procurement expertise

VISIT SESEMI ELECTRONICS AT STAND 29 — Electronic Component Show

Visitors to SeSemi Electronics will have the opportunity to discover how the company supports OEMs’ purchasing needs, from initial design to full scale production.

SeSemi Electronics is a UK-based specialist electronic component distributor. The company works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract electronics manufacturers (CEMs), covering many industries in the electronic design and manufacturing sectors.

Accredited to ISO9001:2015, the company has over a decade’s experience across all aspects of component sourcing and management. SeSemi has partners around the world and has worked with customers and suppliers in most parts of the globe.

The core of the business is electronic component procurement, supporting long-term or short- term production schedules, plus kitting. Alongside supportingobsolescence and difficult to find parts, the company is committed to providing cost-effective solutions.

SeSemi also provides bill-of- material management services. From prototype to full production, the company can take control of the BoM, assessing risk from a life cycle and availability perspective.

SeSemi partners with several manufacturers on a global scale, each offering a wide array of components and cutting-edge technologies. Services encompass distribution and comprehensive support from the design phase to full-scale production.

A stringent quality management system lets the company meet dynamic market demands, ensuring it can effectively meet customers’ unique needs in the evolving world of electronic component supply. Risk management is always taken extremely seriously.

SeSemi’s warehouse is ESD and FOD compliant, including preconditioning and vacuum sealing for moisture sensitive devices. Storage facilities include desiccant and nitrogen, temperature and humidity-controlled cabinets monitored 24/7 to ensure sensitive devices are stored within their required specification.