Increased backshell manufacturing capacity

Harwin has announced a multi-million euro investment that will include significantly increased capabilities for connector backshell production. The eight-fold capacity expansion includes installation of a fully automated ‘lights- out’ manufacturing system installed at the company’s newly refurbished manufacturing facility in Portsmouth, UK.

The new announcement comes as part of a strategic program to further reduce lead times and address growing customer demand for complete interconnect solutions that combine reliable, high- performance connectivity with mechanical protection and end-to-end EMC shielding.

Backshell production will be based around eight new five-axis, high-speed milling machines built into a manufacturing cell driven by a WorkPartner automation system that supports 24/7 manufacturing.

Harwin’s VP of product, Ryan Smart, said: “From robotics to aviation and uncrewed vehicles to newspace, this is driving increased demand for our backshell products across a variety of applications—a demand that we are addressing through further investment in manufacturing capabilities, including backshell production.”