UK manufacturing remains vitally important

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Trojan Electronics’ David O’Keeffe explores the sector from a contract electronics manufacturer’s perspective.

The UK manufacturing sector is vitally important to the local and global economy because it supplies the solutions people need whether medical, transport, industrial, food or anything else.

However, there are challenges ahead. Industry needs to look closely at its supply chains to avoid repeating what happened during Covid where supply chain disruption pushed
up prices to unprecedented levels or in some cases meant some production had to be stopped altogether.

This is where it becomes essential to work closely with a contract electronics manufacturing partner, because it can help minimise market turbulence by offering a number of alternative options including inventory and procurement solutions, plus product redesign.

Whilst many original equipment manufacturers remain cautious, there are opportunities ahead for greater collaboration and efficiency. This is where the relationship aspect with a contract electronics manufacturing partner comes into its own. As well as savings, recent figures show equipment manufacturers are putting new employment on hold while minimising inventory and cutting back on purchasing.

This has an impact on prices and inflation. To help address this, manufacturers need to consider and collaborate around providing alternative solutions to help ease cost pressures and increase output.

Trojan Electronics provides contract electronics manufacturing services to sectors across the UK including aerospace, medical, environmental monitoring, communications, automotive, industrial and consumer from its 180,000ft2 facility in Swansea.