Training prevents component damage during assembly

Advanced Rework Technology is providing constantly updated courses designed to prevent component damage during electronic assembly. ART’s managing director and Master IPC trainer, Debbie Wade, explained: “Modern electronics assembly is a complicated and intricate process that uses many different materials, machines and techniques. Component damage is a challenge for any electronics assembler, but adhering to best practices as a matter of principle will help to avoid potential health and safety violations, financial costs and further electronic damage or failure, and will increase productperformance and assembly efficiency.”

Electronic components and products risk many types of damage whilst on the assembly line, including: electronic discharge damage; mechanical stress; thermal damage; moisture, corrosion, and rust; overcurrent and overvoltage; reverse polarity; and chemical damage.

However, there are also a variety of methods and practices that can be put in place to help prevent damage in both the short and long term. ART has created a series of principles that should be followed, with checking on a regular basis, to mitigate against damage.