Distributors see rising sales from auto industry

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The auto industry is facing continuing chip shortages and many tier 1-4 automotive suppliers are turning to distributors for parts and services. Distributors report that sales to tier 1-4 automotive suppliers have grown significantly over the last two years as many semiconductors and other components needed by the automotive industry have been in short supply. … Read more

Distributors expand warehouse facilities, enhance web capabilities

Electronics distributors are enlarging distribution facilities or building new ones to attract new customers and better serve existing ones. Many electronics distributors are adding warehouse space, investing in automation equipment and enhancing their website capabilities to make it easier for buyers and engineers to find and purchase components. While there are allocations or long lead … Read more

Semiconductor distributors see strong demand, higher sales

Integrated circuit and discrete semiconductor revenue growth for distributors may top 25 per cent in 2021. Distributors that specialize in semiconductors or derive a large percentage of their revenue from sales of integrated circuits and discretes are posting strong revenue growth in 2021 and some may post record chip revenue. Demand for semiconductors is robust … Read more

Semiconductor midyear outlook: Chip revenue will rise nearly 20% in 2021

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Strong revenue growth and robust demand is compelling chipmakers to add production capacity which should ease tight supply conditions later this year. The worldwide semiconductor market will increase 19.7 per cent to $527 billion in 2021 because of strong demand from multiple customer segments, limited supply and rising prices for some chips. Memory IC revenue, … Read more

Distributors say IoT will drive sales growth opportunities

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Growing use of IoT, especially in industrial applications, will result in greater component demand over the next five years. Most electronics distributors can’t pinpoint how much Internet of Things (IoT) applications are impacting component sales but most believe IoT will become a more important driver as more consumer and commercial devices and factory automation equipment … Read more

Communications including 5G will drive the components market

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While electronics content in cars and trucks is increasing, the auto industry will continue to account for a relatively small percentage of semiconductor sales over the next five years. It’s no secret that electronics buyers in the automotive industry have been scrambling to purchase microcontrollers, power management ICs and other semiconductors because of tight supply … Read more

Business booms for high-service distributors

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An increase in design engineering activity and tight supply of chips and other components is resulting in skyrocketing sales for high-service distributors. High-service electronics distributors have weathered the coronavirus pandemic with some reporting a 50 per cent increase in sales during the first five months of 2021. Most high-service distributors focus on design and sell … Read more

It’s not just semiconductors that are in short supply

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Lead times are stretching and prices are rising for passives, connectors and power supplies. It’s no secret that electronics purchasers are being challenged by allocations, shortages and long lead times for a variety of semiconductors including microcontrollers, diodes, graphics RAM chips and power semiconductors, among others. However, while chip shortages seem to be garnering most … Read more

It’s not just about inventory and timely delivery anymore

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Buyers need distributors to provide more technical advice, market intelligence and cost-reducing value-added and supply chain services. In the not-so- distant past the expectations that many electronics purchasers had of distributors were that distributors had the parts buyers needed in stock and would be able deliver them in a timely fashion. But times have changed … Read more