Buyers may face rising prices and longer lead times in 2021

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Buyers are concerned there could be more shutdowns of electronics production in 2021 as uncertainty created last year by the pandemic carries over into 2021. Possible shutdowns of component production because of coronavirus, rising prices for copper and other metals and potential shortages of multilayer ceramic capacitors, power MOSFETs and other components are some of … Read more

Supply chain regionalisation and allocations

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Editor’s note: Chris Hood is vice president of global purchasing for EMS provider Plexus. Electronics Sourcing North America (ESNA) recently interviewed him about the purchasing and supply chain Plexus and other electronics companies are expected to face in 2021. Q) Do you expect there to be enough production capacity for semiconductors and other components in … Read more

Distributors expect a rebound in business in Europe in 2021

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While European distribution sales will end 2020 declining, most distributors believe business will bounce back next year as demand increases from automotive and industrial segments. The European electronics distribution business will fall about two to four per cent in 2020 due in large part to the coronavirus pandemic, but distributors expect a return to sales … Read more

Some independent distributors see sales increases because of pandemic

Component demand from “essential” industries such as medical OEMs have boosted sales for independent distributors. Independent distributors say they have seen healthy demand and robust sales increases despite the slowdown in production at some global OEMs and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers because of the coronavirus pandemic. Much of the sales growth for independent distributors … Read more

Power supply production in China starts to get back to normal

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Supply of AC-DC converters and DC-DC modules should not be a problem for buyers as production of power supplies has resumed. Buyers can expect normal lead times, ample availability and falling prices for most power supplies for the rest of the year, despite the impact that Coronavirus has had on the overall electronics supply chain … Read more

Embedded MPUs will drive overall microprocessor market

Demand for microprocessors used in embedded applications will grow but chip buyers can expect small price declines over the next several years The worldwide global embedded microprocessor market will post 8.3 per cent annual growth over the next four years as revenue rises from $15.9 billion in 2019 to $23.7 billion in 2024 as demand … Read more

Distributors grow inventory to win new business

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Some distributors have increased inventory levels of new and old components as well as components that are in short supply. Some electronics distributors have been aggressive about increasing inventory levels over the last two years as a way of attracting new business and increasing business with existing OEM and electronics manufacturing services customers. In some … Read more

Coronavirus causes sourcing headaches for buyers

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The coronavirus pandemic has led to tighter supply and higher prices for some components including multilayer ceramic capacitors. Shutdowns and slowdowns in production of electronic components and other manufacturing materials in China caused by the outbreak of coronavirus has resulted in longer lead times, shortages and price increases for some electronic components. Industry analysts, distributors … Read more

Why purchasing is the CEM’s secret weapon

From creating quotes to managing component obsolescence and end of life, ES discovers how Nemco’s purchasing team plays a vital role, adding value through effective supply chain managemen How does Nemco’s purchasing team assist new clients? As soon as we receive an enquiry, a dialogue is opened between the customer and the quotes team where … Read more