Unsnarling America’s supply lines

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In this article, John Denslinger investigates the scope of work required to unsnarl America’s supply lines, covering causal, flow and macro-economic factors. After years of stellar operational performance applying lean manufacturing and efficient JIT techniques, America’s supply lines have broken down. This isn’t to say lean and JIT are the cause, but rather highlight the … Read more

Additive manufacturing: a sourcing solution

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This month John Denslinger looks at the growing influence of 3D printed components in the manufacturing supply chain. Across the industrial spectrum, sourcing 3D printed components is on an upward trend. Once relegated to single-use jigs, fixtures and the occasional prototype builds, it’s now a viable sourcing option for end-use functionality. From the beginning, the … Read more

America – Essential component battleground

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John Denslinger investigates EV batteries and how their associated manufacturing and distribution supply chains represent new electronics industry frontier. I n April’s editorial I discussed the ‘small but big impact’ semiconductors were having on the supply chain citing the auto industry’s predicament in particular. Later that week, arguably the largest component, the EV battery, captured … Read more

Restoring order post pandemic

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John Denslinger explores some of the challenges facing the global electronics supply chain as it emerges unevenly from pandemic controls. While medical teams, financial institutions and governments continue working tirelessly on Covid-19 issues, the forecast ahead for procurement is almost as daunting. Faced with the aftermath of shelter-in-place and similar decrees, the great American industrial … Read more

Small but big impact

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John Denslinger investigates why supply constraints of the tiniest components can have significant consequences for even the biggest industries. A WSJ article published in mid-February spoke to the impact of electronic components on the automotive supply chain. What prompted me to read the piece was the title: ‘How car makers collided with a global chip … Read more

5G: just in time for work from home

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John Denslinger shows how 5G is turning the ‘work from home’ phenomenon from an emergency solution to a sustainable and infinitely more productive alternative. Covid is once again rewriting ‘business as usual’. The virus single-handedly triggered the great workforce reformation of 2020 where the central office vanished and a dispersed ‘work from home’ (WfH) alternative … Read more

IoT: resolving the unknowns

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In this article, John Denslinger sees the expansion of existing IoT applications, plus the introduction of new connected technologies, as a fundamental driving force over coming years. Forecasting several years out is often futile. Results are rarely accurate and frequently altered by disruptive technologies unknown at the time. Somehow, that doesn’t stop us from planning … Read more

Industry 4.0: manufacturing’s supernova

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John Denslinger argues Industry 4.0 is a manufacturing supernova on Earth, both for industry and the people enabling its transformation. The fourth industrial revolution was underway long before the pandemic touched every corner of the world. Covid might have limited adoption by those companies at implementation phase, but not among those with ongoing buildouts. Interestingly, … Read more

Domino effect on manufacturing

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John Denslinger explores a decade of falling dominoes, each impacting the supply chain and driving manufacturers to explore significant changes to their global strategies. A domino effect is produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. This is easily understandable if you visualise a falling row of dominoes. Its clear global manufacturing … Read more

Seeds of change

Made in the USA was once the preferred branding for manufactured products. It signaled high quality, American ingenuity and skilled jobs for citizens. Following the post war re-build of Japanese and German economies, the advent of strategic trading blocs such as NAFTA and EU, and the rapid industrialisation of South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and China, … Read more