Schaffner high-end IEC Power Entry Modules now meet IEC IEC62368-1

Schaffner, the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality has had their FN 9280 and FN 9290 families of market-leading high-end  IEC Power Entry Modules (PEM) approved to IEC62368-1.

Certification to IEC62368-1 enables customers manufacturing Audio/Video, Information and Communications Technology equipment to comply more easily with the requirements of the new technology-independent ‘hazard-based’ standards approach.

The additional approval will be beneficial to development design times of products for these markets, increasing the benefits of using Schaffner IEC PEMs in new equipment designs.

Key features of the Schaffner FN 9280 and FN 9290 families of IEC Power Entry Modules include a removable front flange which offers 4D (front, back, horizontal and vertical) assembly, snap-in mounting and various performance versions including single or dual stage and reduced leakage current levels.  The FN 9280 and FN 9290 simplify panel design as all versions have the same cut out size.

The best-in-class performance-to-size relationship enables the most demanding applications to shape electricity, even in small foam factors.

FN 9280 and FN 9290 families of IEC Power Entry Modules are available ex-stock all over the world through the Schaffner global distribution and sales network.