New PS9332L and PS9332L2 photocouplers from Renesas Electronics

Renesas_PS9332Photocouplers in 8-pin SIDP with maximum switching speed of 200 ns and integrated IGBT protection function

MSC now offers two new photocouplers, PS9332L and PS9332L2, from Renesas Electronics. The new photocouplers feature an extremely short switching delay time of 200 nS maximum, low current consumption of less than 2.5 mA, output current of 2 A maximum and integrated IGBT protection function.

The new PS9332L and PS9332L2 are IGBT drive photocouplers consisting of a gallium-aluminum-arsenide (GaAlAs) LED as the light emitting diode, photo detector IC and an IGBT protection circuit. When the IGBT connected to the photocoupler turns off, current flow (Miller current) between the collector and gate can cause a gate voltage, resulting in malfunction. The integrated active Miller clamp circuit shortens the gate charge to ground, suppressing any rise in the gate voltage and preventing malfunction. Integrating the protection circuit into the photocoupler simplifies system design and enables the system to be more compact overall.

Another outstanding feature is the high common mode transient immunity of 50 kV/?s. This ensures a reliable transmission of the driver signal at very high DC voltage and in fast switching operation. The new PS9332L and PS9332L2 are thus ideally suited for fast switching power IGBTs and MOSFETs in industrial inverter applications.

The two new photocouplers are specified for a maximum operating ambient temperature of +125°C and come in a compact 8-pin shrink dual inline package (SDIP). The package is available with two lead frame options: the PS9332L offers 7 mm outer creepage, whereas the PS9332L2 offers 8 mm.

Samples of the new PS9332L and PS9332L2 will start in February 2013. Mass production is scheduled to begin around June 2013. Detailed information about the two new photocouplers can be requested by sending an email to [email protected].