mag-image May 2024

Display specialist expands US operations p4 | Specifying enclosures for tough conditions p10 | Distributors limit 2023 revenue decline p23 | AI components positioned to dominate next five years p72 | All the facts and figures to help you buy p94

mag-image April 2024

Power agreement includes USA p04 | Scaling SiC crystal growth to meet demand p12 | GenAI workplace trends p18| Semi upswing in 2024 p34

mag-image March 2024

Bridging the gap between engineering and procurement p04 | Elegant enclosures for advanced HMI p10 | Winning the zero-emissions race p14 | Mitigating long-term supply risks p22

mag-image February 2024

More RF connector choice p04 | Sourcing chips on the open market p08 | Pinpointing EV charging challenges p20 | Med-tech comes of age p28

mag-image January 2024

Why do supply chains fail? p22 | News - Global connector stocking deal inked p04 | Obsolescence - Are you overthinking date codes? p10 | What's New - GaN ICs selected for wall sockets p13 | Supply Chain - Brace for challenges in 2024 p20

mag-image December 2023

Executive Forecasts 2024 starts on p16 | News - Buying into low-noise frequency technology p04 | Obsolescence - Proactive approach to obsolescence p10 | Forecasts - Growth, lead times, pricing and more p16 | Sensors - More data and analysis p40

mag-image November 2023

Digitally navigating complex supply chains p16 | News - More Pi supply options p06 | Supply Chain - Untangling supply chains uncertainty p14 | Obsolescence - Avoiding obsolescence issues p18 | What's New - Poke-home portfolio expands p36

mag-image October 2023

News - Motherboards suit medical and more p04 | Semiconductors - American faces significant tech worker shortage p08 | Medical - Smaller, smarter, safer healthcare technology p18 | Frequency - Buyer's guide to frequency control products p26

mag-image September 2023

Top 50 Global Authorized Distributors Report 2023 p29 | News - Semiconductor facility receive $1B investment p04 | Distribution Market Watch - NA distributors expanding in Asia-Pacific p14 | ECIA - Top 50 Global Authorized Distributors Report 2023 p29 | ESNA - Top 20 Global Independet Distributors Report 2023

mag-image August 2023

Automotive: Lean manufacturing and strategic partnerships p18 | News - Getting products to market p04 | Displays - Understanding LED life and performance p08 | Component Comparison - Where supply chain meets value chain p20 | What's New - Easier vehicle electrification p31

mag-image July 2023

Anti-counterfeiting: Order genuine components with confidence p24 | News - Instant access to high performance storage p04 | Switch products - Fast-acting fuses for hazardous environments p08 | Thermal - Sourcing thermal management post pandemic p16 | Defense - Cesium clock eliminates obsolescence concerns p23

mag-image June 2023

Expanded sourcing options for EOL products p10 | News - New D-Sub manufacturing capacity p04 | Power - Li-ion battery storage and shipping p20 | What's New - Compact TVS diodes protect USB-C