Belden Launches Industry’s First Environment-sealed BNC Connector

connectorBelden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has launched the new Watertight Locking 1-Piece HD Brilliance BNC Compression Connector in the EMEA region. The industry’s first environment-sealed BNC Connector maximizes broadcast signal integrity, quality, performance and durability by preventing moisture from entering the front and back of the Connector and restricting movement of the BNC head.

Designed specifically for Belden Brilliance Broadcast and Professional A/V Coaxial Cables, the new 1-Piece HD Brilliance Connector features a patent-pending screw-lock design feature that physically fixes the bayonet nut of the BNC in position. This has a number of benefits for overall cable performance and ease of installation on a female BNC port or with the Belden BNC terminator.

The screw-lock collar limits movement of the BNC head, creating coaxial alignment from the cable through the BNC Center pin and enabling delivery of superior electrical signal performance. The resulting Superior Return Loss through 4.5 GHz exceeds SMPTE return loss standards and supports better resolution, better signal integrity and excellent headroom. It is possible to achieve true 75 ohm performance through the combination of connector and the recommended Belden Brilliance coaxial cable.

In addition to the locking feature, additional sealing rings – “o” rings – at the base of the bayonet nut create a watertight seal. Moisture is prevented from penetrating the bayonet nut at the front of the BNC, while inclusion of TRUE 360° double bubble compression impedes moisture at the back of the connector.

The 1-piece nature of the Watertight Connector allows for simple and fast installation by eliminating the need to have the pin, collar and connector as separate components.

This, in combination with the connector’s superior pullout strength, increases durability over regular and repeated installations. An extended BNC head knurl nut design adds to ease of use and identification.

Werner Eich, vertical marketing manager broadcast for Belden EMEA comments: “We are pleased to introduce this next step forward in our 1-Piece BNC compression connector portfolio. The Watertight Locking 1-Piece HD Brilliance BNC Compression Connector is designed for optimum performance with Belden Brilliance cables to create the industry’s best cable-to-connector signal performance.”