The New Name in Power

Ipeco Electronics (logo) (800x512)Power management solutions company Pulse Electronics has changed its name to Ipeco Electronics

Pulse Electronics – specialists in the design, development and manufacture of high-reliability power supplies and systems for aerospace, defence and other demanding industries – has changed its name to Ipeco Electronics.

Pulse Electronics was established in 1975, and quickly earned a reputation for not only achieving high power densities but also for its use of proven and pre-qualified power modules within its product offerings. This latter aspect reduces NREs, means shorter PSU development times, gives the customer earlier access to the PSU and provides for higher customer confidence during the development and verification of its systems.

In 1992, Pulse Electronics became part of the Ipeco Holdings group of specialist engineering companies; its power management solutions complementing Ipeco’s areas of expertise, within aerospace/defence, including aircraft seating, galley insert equipment and composites.

Chris Austin, Managing Director of Ipeco Electronics (formerly Pulse Electronics), comments: “The name Ipeco is synonymous with quality and professionalism. Our adoption of our parent company’s name, and that name’s application to our power management solutions, will therefore make for a powerful brand moving forward.”

Ipeco Electronics, the new name in power management solutions, therefore goes to market with an enviable reputation and quality products/services including ITAR-free commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), modified off-the-shelf (MOTS) and full-custom PSUs as well as complete rack systems (e.g. VPX and VME).

Operating from its own 22,000ft2 premises in St. Neots, United Kingdom, Ipeco Electronics’ engineering capabilities include electronic and mechanical design; thermal and vibration modelling; PCB layout, production and test; environmental and EMC testing; system integration and through-life product support.