Compact new 40W battery-backed switch-mode PSU offers advanced control features

VX029Lincoln-based manufacturer VxI Power has added a compact new 40W model to its Oracle family of battery-backed switch-mode power supplies, which are used in a wide variety of
mission-critical applications.

Particularly suitable for systems where the available space is restricted, the Oracle III-40 measures just 100 x 100 x 45mm and yet is equipped with all the advanced communications and control features of larger models in the range.

The PSU operates from a universal AC input and provides a main output for powering the load, together with a second output for charging an external 12 or 24V standby battery. In the event of mains failure, the PSU automatically switches to battery power.

The unit is available with either an RS232 port or an RS485 port with full Modbus functionality, making it easy for users not only to configure the variable main output voltage and charging current but also to remotely monitor system status and battery condition. The power supply is equipped with two volt-free relays and two open-collector/TTL I/O connections.

Designed specifically for smaller, lower-power systems, the PSU has a low standby power of less than 1W at 230V AC. In addition, its low backdrive – i.e. the current the unit draws from the battery when the AC is off with no load – helps to maximise useable capacity in smaller battery systems.

Temperature-compensated charging ensures maximum battery capacity at low temperatures and maximum battery life at high temperatures, and the unit also incorporates deep-discharge, over-current and surge protection.

The Oracle III-40 can be supplied in various case styles, including DIN rail mount, panel mount and chassis mount options.

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