HARTING extends Han-Quick Lock(R) connector range for even greater flexibility

HARTING - Han Quick Lock termination technologyHARTING has expanded the flexibility of its connector families fitted with Han-Quick Lock(R) termination technology by offering connectors in two wire-gauge ranges.

The two families of devices are distinguished by the different colouring of the Han-Quick Lock(R) actuators. The termination wire gauge ranging from 0.25 mm² to 1.5 mm² has a black actuator, whereas the actuator for the 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm² range is blue.

The innovative Han-Quick Lock(R) termination technology makes it possible to connect a stranded wire to a connector contact without having to use any special tools. The contacts are already pre-assembled in the connectors with Han-Quick Lock(R). With its space-saving design, the patented termination technology boasts very high contact density, making it ideal for integration into various types of connectors.

The HARTING Han-Quick Lock(R) portfolio includes connectors from a wide range of  HARTING series, including Han-Modular(R), Han A(R), Han D(R), Han(R) Q, Han(R) PushPull and Han-Yellock(R).

HARTING continues to offer connectors with conventional crimping assembly alongside Han-Quick Lock(R) versions. Both types of connector are still mutually compatible despite their different termination methods.

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