GA/B/C003 series from YDS – AC / DC power modules for small power requirements

GA030The AC / DC Power Modules Series GA/GB/GC003 from YDS with an output power of 3 W is designed for devices with low power requirements and immediately be obtained from MSC. The modules are available not only with are all standard output voltages between 3.3 V and 48 V, the product range also includes a number of output voltages that in the past were only available on special order.

The three form factors GA, GB and GC offer system designers a choice between pcb mount modules, open frame modules and modules with wire connection. With identical electric performance the GA/GB/GC series models feature a universal input that accepts 90~264 VAC or 120~370 VDC. They offer efficiency up to 82%. Important additional features are an internal input filter, an output voltage accuracy of ±3%, an outstanding line and load regulation. Input to output isolation is specified with 3000 VAC. Internal protection circuits against overload and short circuit ensure automatic recovery after the fault condition is removed.

The GA003 series power supply modules operate over a temperature range from -20 °C to +70 °C with natural convection cooling. Having protective insulation, CE certification and 2 years warranty these power supplies are an optimum solution for commercial equipment and home electronics.

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