Custom Mil/Aero LED Circuit Assemblies from Molex for harsh environments

MX0227 - Custom Mil-Aero LED Circuit AssembliesBlending expertise in light-emitting diodes and diverse circuit substrate options brings improved efficiency and reliability to LED lighting solutions in extreme conditions

Molex Incorporated has ramped up its engineering and production investment for custom LED circuit assemblies that can operate reliably in extreme conditions and harsh environments such as those found in military and aerospace applications.

“For over two decades Molex has specialised in designing and manufacturing complex PCB assemblies to solve LED design, lighting, assembly and manufacturing challenges,” says Mike O’Sullivan, director of PCBA, Molex.  “Whether it is a small indicator board or a complete LED display module, we work closely with customers to ensure selection of the right materials and LED board design to optimise cost and lighting performance.”

Molex LED assemblies feature rigid circuit boards as well as polyester and polyimide flexible circuit substrates to provide 3D lighting effects in cutting-edge designs and to reduce weight and thickness.  Molex uses proprietary bonding techniques to attach LEDs to flexible polyester circuitry, providing a cost-effective, yet robust, lightweight, low profile option for adding simple electronic components.

Integrating LED circuitry with a graphic overlay or a Molex membrane switch can provide a total user interface with numerous options to enhance application features.  Molex polyimide LED circuit assemblies offer the robustness of a PCB assembly, with reduced weight and reduced thickness for tight spaces and harsh environments, while enabling customers to incorporate the flexibility and artistic benefits of 3D effects into LED designs.

“Our team brings a proven record and unparalleled design experience in electrical, mechanical, thermal, optical, over moulding and reliability – to deliver a fully qualified LED package,” adds O’Sullivan.

Prior to shipment, each LED circuit assembly is tested for intensity and colour to ensure quality and consistency.  A bin control system regulates consistent lot-by-lot luminosity output ranges.  LED package solutions are manufactured in Molex ISO-certified facilities.  For more information about custom LED circuit assemblies, please visit  To receive information on other Molex products and industry solutions, please sign up for our e-nouncement newsletter