Pre-engineered smart battery range speeds time to market

ACC075 - Accupro new brand - ImageAccutronics, the independent battery and charger design, development and manufacturing company, has launched Entellion; a new range of smart, innovative portable power products designed to meet the emerging needs of feature-laden devices in professional markets.

Entellion combines the company’s expertise in custom OEM battery products with its insight into professional OEM requirements and market trends. Entellion products are available off the shelf and can also be customised, allowing portable electronic device manufacturers to reach their target markets quickly and confidently.

The first pre-engineered products were the CC2300 and CC3800 lithium ion credit card batteries, which allow design engineers to integrate a smart lithium ion battery into new handheld portable product with minimal effort and cost. They have been designed to provide a high level of functionality and safety, reducing time to market while eliminating tooling and qualification costs.

The newest products are the VR Series lithium ion standard smart batteries which feature the latest impedance tracking SMBus and SBS compliant fuel gauges, five-LED visual state of charge indicator, rugged case design, six-way connector interface and slide rails for easy device insertion. All batteries come with UN38.3 (transportation), IEC62133 and UL2054 (safety) approvals as standard, meaning they are ready to be designed into devices with minimal effort and cost.

The company works with, but independently of, the world’s leading cell manufacturers to select the right cell for each application, optimising characteristics such as capacity, rate capability, cycle life and thermal performance.

Rechargeable lithium ion (Li-ion) is the dominant battery technology used for powering portable electronic devices. With its higher gravimetric and volumetric energy density, lithium ion battery technology provides longer run times and lower weight when compared to older chemistries such as nickel cadmium (NiCad), nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) and lead acid.

“In a world dominated by portable electronic devices, the need to manage battery power is essential,” explains Rob Phillips, managing director of Accutronics. “These embedded intelligent electronic systems allow batteries to manage their own charging both efficiently and safely, while on-board fuel gauges provide host equipment with accurate real time information,” he concluded.