High Efficiency Dimmable LED Driver

L05011i22001 Electronic Components is now offering the latest addition to Lumotech’s LED Drivers, the L05011i2. This high efficiency dimmable LED driver has a maximum power output of 20W and can be used in both constant current or constant voltage mode, potentially reducing the number of different LED drivers for the luminaire manufacturer to approve. The user has the ability to configure to 14 current settings between 150mA and 1200mA, and 14 voltage settings between 6V and 42V.

In constant current mode the L05011i2 driver dims the LED fixture by reducing the drive current, providing exceptionally smooth dimming down to 0%. Pulse Width Modulation is used for dimming in constant voltage mode.

The L05011i2 is dimmable with a standard 1-10V device input, a potentiometer or a pulse switch. The driver is able to remember the dim level when using the pulse switch, a feature not previously available.

This light weight driver features a standby power of only 250mW, a driver efficiency of 85%, an improved 0.97 power factor and very low in-rush current on start up. It offers protection in the form of thermal, open circuit, short circuit, over voltage and overload protection.

The L05011i2 is designed for a circuit lifetime of up to 80,000 hours, and as it is covered by Lumotech’s 5 year warranty, in common with the rest of their LED driver range, users can be confident and assured in the long-life span of these products.

The L05011i2 is available to order now.

For further information, please contact our Lighting Division Manager, Will Gilbert