Join the club. Are you Five Years Out?

commercial interconnect _board to box_Molex_ConnectorArrow is a leading Passive Electromechanical and Connector (PEMCO) distributor in the Americas for very good reason. Our PEMCO product offering includes more than 1,000,000 parts offering the full spectrum of 13 different interconnect, passive, and electromechanical technologies and parts to meet all design needs.

Imagine what these numbers will look like Five Years Out!

Five years out, we will have anticipated the demand for the PEMCO parts needed to build the solutions created by the innovators of today.   It’s where we see possibility and practicality intersecting. Arrow will have these products, because Arrow is forward-thinking and pays attention to the needs of tomorrow today.

Of specific value to the purchasing community, our exceptional parts availability is backed by a strong pipeline—so you get the parts you need, and you get them on time.

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At Arrow, we know the importance of accelerating the time to market. Our dedicated sales engineers are experienced with the latest technologies and applications, and can provide guidance to help design in the right parts from the start. Our comprehensive support, including  supply chain solutions, can lower your costs and assist at any point in your design, from concept to production, and over the entire life of your product.

PEMCO products are present in our vertical business structures such as: Mobility,  Power Management, Intelligent Systems, Aerospace and Defense, and Lighting. Our expertise can guide your product decisions end to end.

You need a partner that understands your needs—a partner that helps you  work efficiently and addresses your challenges. Arrow runs one of the most complex supply chains in the world, and taps into this experience to offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs during all stages of your product’s life. Services provided by Arrow include:

  • Connector assembly services
  • Almost every mil-spec connector made
  • Power Products Center featuring off-the-shelf, custom, and integrated power supplies
  • Customer marking services, including barcode labeling and inkjet marking systems
  • Cut reels for small order quantities

Arrow offers provides the expertise that addresses common challenges across the life cycle. Visit for a full list of Arrow services.

Arrow offers one of the largest line cards in the industry, featuring the technologies you need from the top manufacturers. Supporting this vast product selection, our engineers can help you design-in components and connect you with the world-class services you need for a complete solution.

Leverage our expertise for your gain—benefit from improved efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and reliability. Reduce risk and total cost. Improve your ability to focus on critical priorities while Arrow does the legwork.

Join the club. Are you Five Years Out?