CamdenBoss enclosures prove hit at Fringe

P4348 - CamdenBoss Fringe Electronics case studyWhen UK manufacturer Fringe Electronics needed a new enclosure for its Easy-Tune TV amplifier and signal finder, the company approached CamdenBoss, Europe’s Number 1 E-Mech Partner, who came up with a solution that offered a quick route to market and low set-up costs. The result was so successful that Fringe is now gearing up for higher volume manufacture in less than 12 months. Carl Spencer, Production and Quality Engineer at Fringe Electronics, takes up the story.

Fringe originally contacted CamdenBoss early in 2012 to see if the company could help with an enclosure for a new product line, the Easy-Tune TV amplifier and signal finder. This product was developed as a solution to TV aerial set up problems, particularly in the caravanning market where there is a requirement to set up a TV aerial every time the user changes location. Easy-Tune combines the features of a signal level indicator with an adjustable signal amplifier so that the aerial can be accurately aligned and the level of received signal adjusted to the optimum level.

In order to have product ready in time for the 2012 camping season, Fringe Electronics wanted to get Easy-Tune to market as quickly as possible and was looking for low set-up costs and flexibility in terms of volumes as, initially, the company was uncertain about the demand for this type of product.

CamdenBoss proposed an enclosure manufactured from flat plastic sheet for the initial product launch. This was flexible enough to allow Fringe Electronics to produce a range of four different iterations of the Easy-Tune product including one for the export market and all done very quickly indeed. In addition, Fringe Electronics was very pleased with the clip-together design of the enclosure, this “hidden construction” concept eliminating the need for any fixing screws.

Since the launch of Easy-Tune, Fringe Electronics has sold over 2,500 units and is now ready to take the product’s enclosure to full injection mould tooling where CamdenBoss will also be providing its services.

CamdenBoss custom design enclosures enable customers to have enclosures, housings, covers, panels and parts manufactured to their own specifications without tooling and on very short lead times. Enclosures are developed from flat-sheet plastic and are manufactured using the latest CAD/CAM technology to deliver bespoke designs that provide products with a unique look.

CamdenBoss’s flat-sheet plastic technology is ideal for low to medium batch quantities and offers rapid lead times from one to two weeks for prototyping and three to four weeks for volume production. It enables highly cost-effective prototyping prior to volume production and low cost and immediate design changes. The company’s creative industrial designers work closely together with customers to maximise the functional, aesthetical and haptical impact of the product. The final design is constructed using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology and the process is designed to minimise design revisions and keep costs and time to a minimum by ensuring all components are coordinated from start to finish.

The custom design enclosure service offers competitive pricing with no tooling charges and low initial design and set-up costs. For small batch runs as low as five units up to volume runs of around 5,000 units, the CamdenBoss custom design enclosure service delivers products manufactured to the highest standards using the same assured production process. In addition, the process is extremely flexible with the ability to incorporate design changes quickly and easily after prototyping or for subsequent production runs.

The latest CNC technology provides customers of CamdenBoss’s custom design enclosure service with a high quality and versatility that is superior to sheet metal fabrication in terms of the tolerances that can be achieved, making the process suitable for a wide variety of applications across all industries where enclosures are used. Flat-sheet plastic fabrication is arguably the most innovative and economic solution for small to medium production runs for both simple and highly complex enclosure designs.

CamdenBoss offers full turnkey services as standard including engraving, screen printing, RFI shielding, finishing, assembly and packaging among many others. Design features include PCB pillars and clips, integrated brass inserts and bosses, light pipes, rubber feet, tilt feet, battery compartments, transparent or tinted LCD windows, cable guides and clamps, IP65 waterproof sealing, rubber handles and external coating.